Amy Racine ’11, Sommelier, Sons & Daughters

Amy Racine ’11, Sommelier, Amangiri (Áman Resorts)

Amy Racine ’11 always knew she would return to the San Francisco Bay area. The vibrant culinary and enological culture of the city draws aspiring chefs and sommeliers from around the world. Inspiration comes from the lush hills, valleys, and mountains that surround the city and provide lush ingredients destined for serving plates and wine glasses. Amy’s time spent at The Culinary Institute … [Read more...]

James Tidwell ’98, Master Sommelier at Four Seasons Resort and Club

James Tidwell Master Sommelier

Imagine having to describe and identify six wines, including grape type, country, region of origin, vintage, and quality level, within 25 minutes. This is only one part of the challenge facing those who wish to sit for the Master Sommelier diploma examination. The practical and theory portions are equally difficult. In the service practical, seasoned Master Sommeliers role-play guests in a … [Read more...]

Bijou Robertson ’02, Co-owner of Zhoo Zhoo Wines

Bijou Robertson ’02, Co-owner of Zhoo Zhoo Wines

When Stephen Robertson ’72, owner of Hells Canyon Winery in Idaho, told his daughter Bijou "making wine is all about being able to taste, and to really taste you have to learn to cook," she took his words to heart. She arrived at the CIA armed with a desire to learn all she could about food and wine. She attended Michael Weiss's and Steven Kolpan's wine classes simultaneously so as to not miss … [Read more...]