Kersti Bowser ’01, Owner, Gourmet Butterfly Media & Special Events

Degree: Associate of Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY A Style All Her Own As food stylist and owner of Gourmet Butterfly Media & Special Events, Kersti Bowser provides food, prop styling services, and catering for special events, chef book tours, culinary demos, and television. But prior to her foodservice career, Kersti was involved in an entirely … [Read more...]

Lilia Temple ’83, Owner/Food Stylist, StylEyes by Lilia Interior Design Consulting at Lilia Temple Styling

When Lilia Temple was a student at the CIA and was thinking of merging her love of sculpture with her love of food, she asked one of the chefs if he knew of anyone she could talk to about food styling. He replied, "Oh, there's some woman in the Midwest who does a lot of it." Well, what was once limited to a "lone" woman has now turned into thousands of people. With the explosion of cooking … [Read more...]

Carol Gallant ’99, Freelance Food Stylist

Freelance food stylist Carol Gallant says she has the best job in the world—and she's racking up the professional accolades to show she's one of the best at doing it. Carol, who had done "a little catering but never had a 'career'," entered the CIA at age 45 after being urged by chefs at the restaurant where she worked to attend the CIA. "It was the best two years of my life and the best thing … [Read more...]