Joshua Guide ’16

Joshua Guide ’16

Degree: Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Atkinson, NH How did you become interested in food? After high school, I decided that I either wanted to become a chef and cook on a cruise ship traveling around the world, or a U.S. Marine. I chose a U.S. Marine. Now, after 21 years of service and a plethora of jobs, assignments, and travel, … [Read more...]

Matthew Grunwald ’15

Matt Grunwald

Degree: Bachelor of Professional Studies Major: Culinary Arts Management Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ How did you become interested in food? I have had the dream to have my own food network show since I was nine years old. I knew that hard work was going to be involved so I just started printing off as many recipes from as I could then replicated each … [Read more...]

Daniel Medina ’15

Dan Medina

Degree: BPS Major: Culinary Arts Hometown: Paso Robles, CA How did you become interested in food? I have been interested in the culinary industry since I was 15 years old. My parents saw my passion for food and have supported me every step of the way. For me, this is a lifestyle not just a career. Who most influenced you? My parents were my biggest influence and support system. The … [Read more...]

Allyson Bayless ’13

Allyson Bayless ’13

Degree: BPS Major: Culinary Arts Management Hometown: Prospect, OH A Little Bit of Everything When it comes to life, Allyson Bayless wants to taste as many different experiences as she can. That’s why she chose The Culinary Institute of America for her formal education, and it’s also why she enjoys competing in sports so much. “The CIA really gives you a base knowledge, with a … [Read more...]

Michael Henville ’02 Executive Chef of the Oualie Beach Resort

Michael Henville '02

Going Home is a Breeze The soft island breezes and fragrant smells of the island of Nevis were never far from Michael Henville’s mind when he was up north attending The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. “I never really acclimated to the northern climate, but the CIA made such an impact in my life I would do all four years over again in a heartbeat,” says Michael. Now back … [Read more...]

Eric Jenkins ’13

Eric Jenkins‘13

Degree: BPS Major: Culinary Arts Management Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA How did you become interested in food? Visiting my grandmother in North Carolina was always a fun learning experience. She had a garden where she and my grandfather grew fresh fruits and vegetables. Whenever she cooked you could smell the aroma for miles, but being in her kitchen was a blessing and a curse. The blessing … [Read more...]

Jennifer Kempin ’13

Jennifer Kempin ‘13

Degree: AOS for ACE Major: Culinary Arts Hometown: Tucson, AZ How did you become interested in food? I lived in Germany when I was a child which gave me the opportunity to try foods that I had never seen or tasted before. I just fell in love. That lead to me getting my first job when I was fifteen and I have been working in kitchens and the industry since. I guess I could say it was all … [Read more...]

Jay Roth ’13

Jay Roth '13

Degree: AOS Major: Baking and Pastry Arts Hometown: Archbold, OH Singing the Praises of Baking & Pastry Standing in the kitchen watching his grandmother bake cinnamon rolls and chocolate layer cake was the spark that lit a passion for career changer Jay Roth. “I always remember watching her ice the cake,” says Jay. “My grandma loved pleasing and entertaining people through her … [Read more...]

Amy L. Chicavich ’15

Amy L. Chicavich ’15

Degree: BPS Major: Culinary Arts Management Hometown: Chico, CA Classically trained in vocal performance and jazz, Amy Chicavich discovered that the place where she makes the most beautiful music is in the kitchen. “I love eating. I love food. I love everything about it. It’s like music for me, a whole-body experience,” says Amy Chicavich, a senior airman in the United States Air … [Read more...]

Jessica Simone ’13

Jessica Simone '13

Degree: BPS Major: Culinary Arts Management Hometown: Redlands, CA One Wild and Precious Life Dealing with adversity is something we all have to do at some point in our lives. For Jessica Simone, it was a way of life. But according to the Redlands, CA native, without that adversity she wouldn’t be where she is today, exactly where she wants to be—at the CIA. “My mom was an … [Read more...]