Megan Jacob ’11

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CIA student-athlete Megan Jacob ’11

Megan Jacob ’11

Degree: BPS
Major: Culinary Arts Management
Hometown: West Haverstraw, NY


As a CIA student-athlete, Megan Jacob ’11 is excited to be in on the ground floor, establishing a new tradition at the college for the sport she loves—volleyball.

“When they sent out e-mails last year about a new team, I was definitely interested,” says the senior from West Haverstraw, NY. “I had played since seventh grade and was varsity captain and all-county in high school. I love the energy and like to stay active. I’m a total jock…in my own mind at least.”

To be sure, the sport had humble beginnings at the college. “Last year we didn’t have a coach,” she says. “We coached each other, which could be a little difficult at times. It was fun, but I’m real excited about this year. I think we have more talent, and we have a coach— Jamie Floryan—who pushes us to do so much better.”

Megan equally appreciates that kind of push from her CIA chef-instructors as well. “I really enjoy the kitchen,” she says. “The hardest part was working in a group, but I found that I work well with a team and my leadership role came out. You can start to tell who wants to go toward service and which select few want the kitchen, like me. I like getting my butt kicked on the line every day; it’s fun!”

She’s been having fun in the kitchen since she started working at a pizza place near her Rockland County home when she was 14. She liked it so much, she enrolled in the culinary program at Rockland BOCES. Megan’s teacher there was a CIA grad, and recommended she put in an application. “I started to fill out other apps too,” she recalls, “but then decided I didn’t want to go anywhere else. When you think culinary school, you think the CIA.”

And Megan’s decision to declare for the bachelor’s degree program turned out to be the right one—her senior-year Food, Wine, and (Agri)culture trip to Italy has been a highlight of her education experience. “Italy is just gorgeous, and we did everything there,” she recalls. “It’s a total food and wine coma. After the four-course meals you had to just waddle around. We saw wineries, cheese makers, churches… I wish I was still there!”

As she moves further into her senior year at the CIA, Megan is keeping her post-graduation options open. “I’d love to work in New York City, travel around the country and around the world, get experience, try new things,” she says. “I do and I don’t want to own a restaurant. It would be great to be in charge, but I would also like to have a family. Wherever my career takes me is where I’ll go.”

There’s one thing she is certain of, though. “I want volleyball to be in my future—a club team, anything. I just love it!”

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