Research and Development

Do you enjoy experimenting with ingredients and coming up with new recipes? Are you more likely to set trends than follow them? Then a job in culinary research and development may be tailor made for you. Working for a food manufacturer, you'll develop new products and product lines, evaluate ingredients, and ensure current products meet company standards for flavor and quality. You can also develop and test recipes in the test kitchens of trade and consumer magazines. Along with creativity and inventiveness, you'll need a working knowledge of food chemistry and a pulse on what's hot in the consumer market.

Evan Bollers ’14, Junior Food Scientist, Signature Brands LLC

Degree: Bachelor of Professional Studies Major: Culinary Science Campus: Hyde Park, NY Ever wonder how new foods get developed and who’s behind these innovative formulations and recipes? Oftentimes, there’s a CIA graduate involved—one like Evan Bollers. After graduating in 2014 with his bachelor’s degree in culinary science, Evan went straight to work for Ocala, FL-based Signature Brands, a … [Read more...]

Caroline Lynch ’07, Designer Culinologist and Food Scientist at IDEO

Certificate: ACAP Major: Culinary Arts Campus: St. Helena, CA Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Caroline Lynch had a typical college experience while studying mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. But while watching an episode of Unwrapped on The Food Network, Caroline got introduced to the world of food science. She thought, “I need to do this,” and immediately switched … [Read more...]

A.J. Schaller ’05, Executive Chef

Degree: Associate of Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Women in Foodservice On the Run From the very beginning of her culinary career, A.J. Schaller ’05 has embraced its pace, challenges, and excitement. She is that rare breed of person who has a questing and creative mind coupled with a highly organized nature. She thrives on doing more than one thing at a … [Read more...]

Kyle Shadix ’96, CRC, MS, RD Pepsico Corporate Executive Research Chef

Degree: Associate in Occupational Studies Major: Baking and Pastry Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Bremen, GA On the Road to Discovery Culinary arts, nutrition, and food science are coming together in ways that help innovative chefs create more flavorful, healthful, and delicious foods. Today, these chefs are found not only in the kitchens of the most cutting-edge restaurants, but … [Read more...]

Dr. Julia Nordgren ’13

Certificate: ACAP Campus: St. Helena, CA Hometown: Guilford, CT Employing Food as Medicine In recent years, pediatrician Julia Nordgren began to notice an alarming trend. More and more children were encountering health problems usually found in adults and the elderly. “I was part of a larger practice as a general pediatrician for eight years and I saw so many instances of weight problems … [Read more...]

Epsilon Sellas ’10, Culinary Development Assistant, Ruth’s Hospitality Group, Inc.

Certificate: Accelerated Culinary Arts Program Major: Culinary Arts Campus:  St. Helena, CA Hometown: Winter Park, FL Education is the Key Epsilon Sellas’ desire for a culinary career was sparked by the requisite cooking class component of her hospitality major at the University of Central Florida. “I really liked working in the kitchen but knew I needed additional education,” she says. … [Read more...]

Dan Coudreaut ’95, Senior Director of Culinary Innovation at McDonald’s, U.S.

Degree: Associate of Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY As McDonald's senior director of culinary innovation, Dan Coudreaut is responsible for developing menu items for the more than 13,700 restaurants that comprise the nation's largest burger chain. In that position, he has introduced a host of innovative new items to customers, including the popular line of … [Read more...]

Chad Schafer ’03, Director of Culinary at Cargill

Degree: Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Chef Chad Schafer is the Director of Culinary at Cargill, an international organization and multidimensional producer and marketer of food and beverage ingredients, agricultural commodities, energy transportation and metals, financial and industrial products, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and services. … [Read more...]

Chris Loss ’93, Professor-Department of Culinary Science and Director of Ventura Research and Development Center

Is food art or is it science? Anyone who has plated a culinary masterpiece or painstakingly followed a baking formula knows it's both. And as someone who has made a career of combining the culinary arts with food science, CIA graduate and food scientist Dr. Chris Loss '93 has a unique perspective on the interplay between the two disciplines—and on why it's important for busy chefs to take the time … [Read more...]

Tom Gumpel ’86, Vice President for Research and Development for Panera, LLC

CIA graduate Tom Gumpel ’86 likes to take a hands-on approach to his job. Wanting to figure out how to keep the flavor of brewed coffee as true as possible to its origins, the vice president of research and development for Panera did what any quality-obsessed baker would do—he went to the mountains of Costa Rica to take part in the coffee harvest. When he's not flying off to exotic locales or … [Read more...]