Kamal Grant ’04, Chef/Owner, Sublime Doughnuts

Kamal Grant ’04

Degree: Associate in Occupational Studies Major: Baking & Pastry Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Marietta, GA No Ordinary Doughnut Kamal Grant took a big chance with his business plan for his small bakery in Atlanta’s Westside neighborhood. The chef/owner of Sublime Doughnuts refused to serve the expected jelly, chocolate, or sugar varieties. Instead, Kamal held fast to his … [Read more...]

Peter Ziegelmeier ’00, Private Yacht Chef/Author

Peter Ziegelmeier ’00

Degree: Associate in Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Lynbrook, NY Cooking on a the Waves Peter Ziegelmeier has what some people would call a dream job. As a private yacht chef, he is on call and ready to grab his knives for chartered voyages on the high seas. His clientele ranges from celebrities to titans of industry to media moguls—all of whom … [Read more...]

Amanda Freitag ’89, Judge, Food Network Chopped

Amanda Freitag ’89

It’s hard to believe that a Food Network Chopped judge and runner up on The Next Iron Chef could fail her first practical exam at the CIA, but it’s true. Standing in front of the chicken she was supposed to butcher and bone, Amanda froze. She couldn’t remember a thing! Right after the exam, she went and got 20 chickens and practiced butchering them in the dormitory kitchen until she could do … [Read more...]

Denis Callinan ’95, PC III, Executive Chef of Student Dining, The College of William and Mary

Denis Callinan ’95, PC III

Degree: Associate in Occupational Studies, CIA ProChef Certification Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY Taking Student Dining to the Next Level Residential dining has traditionally had a bad reputation. Lately, however, there has been a burgeoning nationwide movement to improve cafeteria fare. For an example of a vibrant, fresh, and delicious menu, … [Read more...]

Kyle Shadix ’96, CRC, MS, RD Pepsico Corporate Executive Research Chef

Kyle Shadix ’96

Degree: Associate in Occupational Studies Major: Baking and Pastry Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Bremen, GA On the Road to Discovery Culinary arts, nutrition, and food science are coming together in ways that help innovative chefs create more flavorful, healthful, and delicious foods. Today, these chefs are found not only in the kitchens of the most cutting-edge restaurants, but … [Read more...]

Lulu McAllister ’12, Wine Director, Restaurant Nopa

Lulu McAllister

Certificate: Accelerated Wine and Beverage Campus: St. Helena, CA Hometown: San Francisco, CA All Roads Lead Back to San Francisco Lulu McAllister’s journey to becoming wine director for the critically acclaimed San Francisco restaurant Nopa took her from northern California to Texas Hill Country and back again. Lulu grew up in a family where food was very important. “My mom went to … [Read more...]

Prateek Sadhu ’11, Senior Sous Chef, Leela Palace Udaipur

Prateek Sadhu ’11

Degree: Advanced Career Experience (ACE) Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Faridabad, Haryana, India From Foreign to Familiar When Prateek Sadhu ’11 traveled halfway across the globe to study at the CIA’s Hyde Park campus, his family was concerned. If a family member moves to another town, let alone another continent, there is always a fear that they will never come … [Read more...]

Victoria Nodarse ’08, Chef, Chef Allen’s Consulting


Certificate: ACAP Campus: St. Helena, CA Hometown: Miami, FL The Best-Laid Plans… Victoria Nodarse knew from a very young age that she wanted to own a restaurant. So, with her family’s encouragement, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Barry University in Miami Shores, FL and a master’s in hospitality management from Florida International University with that goal in … [Read more...]

Meg Santoni ’12, Catering Chef, Urban Kitchen Group


Certificate: ACAP Campus: St. Helena, CA Hometown: San Diego For the Love of Science How did a pre-med student with an interest in science and the inner workings of the human body come to study culinary arts at the CIA? For Meg Santoni ’12, cooking was a way to help defuse the stress of difficult classes in her chosen field of study at San Diego State University. “I found reading … [Read more...]

Dr. Julia Nordgren ’13

Dr. Julia Nordgren ’13

Certificate: ACAP Campus: St. Helena, CA Hometown: Guilford, CT Employing Food as Medicine In recent years, pediatrician Julia Nordgren began to notice an alarming trend. More and more children were encountering health problems usually found in adults and the elderly. “I was part of a larger practice as a general pediatrician for eight years and I saw so many instances of weight problems … [Read more...]