William Wilo Benet ’85 Owner and Chef of Pikayo

Chef William Wilo Benet '85

When Wilo Benet first began his career, he played the drums to relax, enjoyed a round of golf on a sunny day, and took photographs of nature just for fun. But now that he is the head of a growing culinary empire, those three pastimes have become part of his work. A golf outing almost always includes talk of business ventures. His photos of wildlife have been commissioned by a local resort to … [Read more...]

John Besh ’92, Owner and Executive Chef of John Besh Restaurants

John Besh '92, Owner and Executive Chef of John Besh Restaurants

Acclaimed chef John grew up hunting and fishing in Southern Louisiana, learning at an early age the essentials of Louisiana's rich culinary traditions. After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America, his talent and drive have earned John critical kudos from the outset of his career: in 1999, Food & Wine named him one of the "Top 10 Best New Chefs in America." In 2003, Gourmet magazine … [Read more...]

John Barricelli ’80, Owner and Chef of SoNo Baking Company and Café

John Barricelli ,90 Owner of the Sono Cafe

John Barricelli had a vision: to offer simple, delicious food in a homey atmosphere. His dream became reality in 2005, when he opened the doors to the SoNo Baking Company and Café. Located in the vibrant SoNo (South Norwalk) district of Norwalk, CT, the bakery café offers everything from artisan breads and French-style pastries to soups and sandwiches. Customers are encouraged to sit back with a … [Read more...]

Sonia Arias ’00, Owner and Executive Chef of Jaso

Sonai Arias '90 Owner and Chef of Jaso

In success, as in many things, timing often plays a major role. You could say that Sonia Arias is blessed with impeccable culinary timing. From the instant she and Jared Reardon met and fell in love while BPS students at the CIA to the moment they opened the doors of their new restaurant, Jaso, they have made well-timed and well-thought-out career choices that are sure to lead to success. While … [Read more...]

Grant Achatz ’94, Chef/Owner of Alinea, Next, The Aviary, and The Office

Grant Achatz '94, Owner and Executive Chef of Alinea Restaurant

Innate curiosity and devotion to precision and control, traits he shares with his mentor Thomas Keller, have brought Grant Achatz from his parents’ restaurant kitchen in Michigan to international attention and acclaim. As chef and co-owner of Alinea, Next, The Aviary, and The Office in Chicago, Achatz has been recognized with multiple kudos. His James Beard Foundation awards include the 2003 … [Read more...]

Heather West ’03, Winner of Hell’s Kitchen

Heather West ’03, Winner of Hell’s Kitchen

The confetti started to fly, people were cheering wildly, millions of viewers all over the world were on the edge of their seats. So what was going through the mind of Heather West, one of two finalists on the second season of FOX's hit reality show "Hell's Kitchen," as she stood behind a closed door waiting for the winner to be announced? "I thought I lost," says the former sous chef from Port … [Read more...]

Michael Symon ’90, Chef Owner of Lola and Lolita and Iron Chef

Michael Symon '90, Chef Owner of Lola and Lolita and Iron Chef

Renowned in the culinary world and adored in his hometown of Cleveland, Michael is the executive chef and owner of the Symon Restaurant Group whose stable of eateries include Lola and Lolita in Cleveland, OH; Roast in Detroit; Bar Symon in Pittsburgh; and B Spot with locations throughout Ohio. A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Michael’s pedigree includes being named one of the Ten … [Read more...]

Sara Moulton ’77 Television personality/chef/author

Sara Moulton ’77 Television personality/chef/author

Sara Moulton, host of PBS series Sara’s Weeknight Meals, began her culinary education at The Culinary Institute of America, graduating with highest honors in 1977. For the next seven years, she expanded her skills in a variety of restaurant positions. In 1979, while she was the chef at Cybele's Restaurant in Boston, Sara met Julia Child and began working with her as the associate chef on the PBS … [Read more...]

Hung Huynh ’02, chef and winner Top Chef

Hung Huynh

The winner of Food Network’s third season of Top Chef, Hung Huynh is the executive chef for EMM Group’s restaurants Catch and The General located in Manhattan and Catch Miami. Born in Vietnam and raised in Pittsfield, MA, Huynh was immersed in cooking from a young age at his immigrant parent’s Vietnamese restaurant. A 2002 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America trained in classic French … [Read more...]

Ilan Hall ’02, Chef/Owner, The Gorbels and host of Knife Fight

Ilan Hall '02 Winner of Top Chef on Bravo Network

Born to travel-hungry Scottish and Israeli parents of Eastern-European descent, chef/owner Ilan Hall was exposed to international food from an early age. Raised in Great Neck, NY, Ilan’s first job was at the local seafood store, Marine Fishery. At 17, Ilan went to Florence where he studied at the Lorenzo de Medici School’s Apicius program and cooked at the Al Lume di Candela restaurant. Then it … [Read more...]