Put your culinary training to work for you—as an entrepreneur in a foodservice-related business. In addition to opening your own restaurant or pastry shop, you can start an enterprise that offers products or services that chefs need or that taps into the public's growing interest in food and cooking. Depending on the nature of your business, you'll manage manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution, purchasing, and finance. As in any entrepreneurial venture, you'll need to combine a marketable idea with ambition, business acumen, and a lot of hard work.

Wendy Stuart ’09, Educator and Entrepreneur

Wendy Stuart ’09, CIA Graduate

Degree: Associate of Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Casting a Wide Net Is it possible for the skills of an economist, chef, advocate, and entrepreneur to reside within one person? They sure can, and Wendy Stuart ’09 is living proof. Her journey to becoming co-founder of The Wide Net Project may seem circuitous, but each step brought her closer to the real … [Read more...]

Viraj Borkar ’10

Viraj Borkar ’10

Degree: Associate of Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Pune, India Passion, Persistence, and Patience When Viraj Borkar ’10 was a young boy growing up in Pune, India, the thought of a future in food industry was simply unfathomable. Suffering from stomach issues that required strict dietary restrictions, food would inevitably put Viraj on a roller … [Read more...]

Carolina Gomez-Story ’11, Chef/Owner, Straw Stick & Brick Delicatessen

Carolina Gomez ’11

Degree: Bachelor of Professional Studies Major: Culinary Arts Management Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Washington, DC Taking Care of Business Students often make valuable connections at The Culinary Institute of America, and that was especially true for Carolina Gomez. That’s where she met fellow student Jason Story ’11, who would not only become her husband, but her business partner as … [Read more...]

Victoria Nodarse ’08, Chef, Chef Allen’s Consulting


Certificate: ACAP Campus: St. Helena, CA Hometown: Miami, FL The Best-Laid Plans… Victoria Nodarse knew from a very young age that she wanted to own a restaurant. So, with her family’s encouragement, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Barry University in Miami Shores, FL and a master’s in hospitality management from Florida International University with that goal in mind. … [Read more...]

Corey Fair ’04, President/CEO, Butcher & Baker

Corey Fair '04

Degree: AOS Major: Culinary Arts Hometown: Fort Worth, TX Home on the Range…and in the Kitchen Growing up on a wild game ranch with a thriving vegetable garden, Corey Fair knew all about sustainability before the term became a media catch phrase. “We raised game and hunted every day,” says Corey. “We didn’t have a lot, so the garden provided vegetable and herbs. The first thing I ever made … [Read more...]

Rochelle Huppin ’87, Founder and President of Chefwear

Rochelle Huppin '87, Founder of Chefwear

Rochelle Huppin, founder and president of the Chicago, IL-based Chefwear, Inc., believes that chefs uniforms were born out of practicality and have always been an important facet of the profession. The double-breasted front panel jacket allows a chef to enter the dining room or service looking presentable. The hounds-tooth pattern acts as a camouflage. Today, the growing number of open kitchens … [Read more...]

Jeff Marcove ’98, Co-owner of Marcove Executive Training

Jeff Marcove '98 Co-owner of Marcove Executive Training

It's convenient when you open an executive training company that uses culinary team building as its core to have a seasoned chef and a master trainer and facilitator running things. It's even more convenient when they're married and understand each other's strengths, style, and rhythm. Marcove Executive Training brilliantly benefits from the expertise of Jeff as chef and his wife Kathy as a team … [Read more...]

Jeremy Faber ’96, Founder of Foraged and Found Edibles

Jeremy Faber '96, Founder of Forraged and Found

You can catch glimpses of him moving swiftly through the forest toting a black sack. And if his determined step makes you think he knows just where he is going and what he is looking for, you'd be right. For Jeremy, the woods of the Pacific Northwest are familiar and wonderful. Once a forestry major at the University of Vermont, Jeremy credits his deep love of the forest and his love of food with … [Read more...]

Lori Daniel ’79, Co-Founder of Two Chefs on a Roll

Lori Daniel '79, Co-Founder of Two Chefs on a Roll

Chef Daniel got her start in the foodservice industry working in restaurant kitchens and private clubs as a line cook. She then worked in garde manger and as a pastry chef, expanding her dessert-making expertise at the Rose Café and Market in Venice, CA. In 1982, Chef Daniel was hired as sous chef and dessert cook for Chez Mélange Restaurant in Redondo Beach, CA. In addition to producing pastries … [Read more...]

Mark Crowell, CRC ’78, Founder and Principal Culinologist at CuliNex

Mark Crowell, CRC ’78, Principal Culinologist at CuliNex

With seven years experience as director of food product development at Starbucks and years as director, menu and product development for Olive Garden, Mark began to recognize an unfilled niche when it came to organic foods in chain restaurants. So in 2005, he stepped away from his corporate job and started CuliNex, which offers companies of all sizes product development services focused on organic … [Read more...]