You'll find that a wide variety of career opportunities fall under the "chef" umbrella, from a station chef cooking on "the line," where most culinarians begin, to the sous chef to the top position of executive chef. The executive chef is responsible for all kitchen operations, including menu development, ordering, budgeting, and staff management. As a chef, you might be sautéing, grilling, and prepping in the kitchens of restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, private homes, resorts, and many other venues. To be a successful chef, you need a passion for cooking; a highly creative mind; good organizational and interpersonal skills; the physical stamina to work in a hot, busy kitchen; and the ability to think on your feet.

Adam Altnether ’07

Adam Altnether ’07

Degree: Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: St. Louis, MO The Fast Track to Success One look at Adam Altnether’s accelerated career track, and it’s easy to see why he’s been honored by Forbes magazine as part of its 2014 “30 Under 30” list in the Food category. As the co-owner and executive chef of Craft Restaurants in St. … [Read more...]

Michael Ferraro ’02, Executive Chef

Michael Ferraro ’02

Degree: Associate in Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Stamford, CT A Lifelong Passion Chef Michael Ferraro has always loved food. That interest started early in his childhood and revolved around his family’s kitchen table. With Southern Italian parents, he was exposed to an authentic home cooking experience that often blended Italian and … [Read more...]

Greg Vernick ’05, Chef/Owner, Vernick Food & Drink

Greg Vernick ’05

Degree: Associate in Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown:Cherry Hill, NJ Great Food, Pure and Simple Greg Vernick has been around food all his life. His mother ran Haddonfield Diet Shop in New Jersey, and his grandfather owned Philadelphia’s Friedman’s Market, a butcher shop and market inherited from Greg’s great-grandfather. So it was only … [Read more...]

Carolina Gomez ’11, Chef/Owner, Three Little Pigs Charcuterie & Salumi

Carolina Gomez ’11

Degree: Bachelor of Professional Studies Major: Culinary Arts Management Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Washington, DC Taking Care of Business Students often make valuable connections at The Culinary Institute of America, and that was especially true for Carolina Gomez. That’s where she met fellow student Jason Story ’11, who would not only become her husband, but her business … [Read more...]

Kamal Grant ’04, Chef/Owner, Sublime Doughnuts

Kamal Grant ’04

Degree: Associate in Occupational Studies Major: Baking & Pastry Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Marietta, GA No Ordinary Doughnut Kamal Grant took a big chance with his business plan for his small bakery in Atlanta’s Westside neighborhood. The chef/owner of Sublime Doughnuts refused to serve the expected jelly, chocolate, or sugar varieties. Instead, Kamal held fast to his … [Read more...]

Peter Ziegelmeier ’00, Private Yacht Chef/Author

Peter Ziegelmeier ’00

Degree: Associate in Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Lynbrook, NY Cooking on a the Waves Peter Ziegelmeier has what some people would call a dream job. As a private yacht chef, he is on call and ready to grab his knives for chartered voyages on the high seas. His clientele ranges from celebrities to titans of industry to media moguls—all of whom … [Read more...]

Victoria Nodarse ’08, Chef/Owner, Spice Galore


Certificate: ACAP Campus: St. Helena, CA Hometown: Miami, FL The Best-Laid Plans... Victoria Nodarse knew from a very young age that she wanted to own a restaurant. So, with her family’s encouragement, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Barry University in Miami Shores, FL and a master’s in hospitality management from Florida International University with that goal in … [Read more...]

Angelo Sosa ’97, Executive Chef/Co-owner

Angelo Sosa ’97

Degree: Associate of Occupational Studies Major: Culinary Arts Campus: Hyde Park, NY Hometown: Durham, CT Executive Chef/Co-owner Añejo Tequilaria y Restaurante Angelo Sosa is executive chef/co-owner of Manhattan restaurant Añejo Tequilaria y Restaurante and Poppy Den, an Asian Gastropub, at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas. In March 2013, Sosa closed his popular Manhattan midtown spot, … [Read more...]

Cory McPherson ’96, Executive Chef/Owner, WilliamsBurger

Cory McPherson ’96, Executive Chef/Owner, WilliamsBurger

Risking a successful career and your life’s savings to open your own burger business isn’t for everyone. But then, not everyone has Cory McPherson’s drive and confidence. After working for 20 years in restaurants and hotels, Cory had a vision, a business plan, and a location picked out on a quiet corner in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY—but no investors. At that time, his … [Read more...]

Bryan Voltaggio ’99 Chef and Owner of VOLT

Brian Voltaggio '99 Chef and Owner of VOLT

Bryan Voltaggio is the chef/owner of VOLT, a three-star restaurant located in his hometown of Frederick, MD and Range, the 14,000 foot market-style restaurant and retail spot located in the newly renovated Chevy Chase Pavilion in Washington DC. Range opened in December 2012 with 300 seats and the ambitious project includes a charcuterie station, raw bar, rotisserie, bakery, wood fired hearth, … [Read more...]